Basket Case

“It’s been 5 months since Give In to Me was published”

Oops. It’s been awhile, eh?

I didn’t forget about this little ol’ blog, if one can even call this a blog yet…

I didn’t feel like I was making enough notable progression with my road to NZ so I didn’t bother blogging… And also with so many fun going-ons happening this summer sixteen (anyone catch the Drake reference there?) I haven’t been rushing too much with this process. But now when I think about everything I have done, I feel a little more accomplished these past few months!

  1. Got my IELTS results! Overall Band Score: 8.5 (with 9 being perfect). I guess no one is perfect, not even a native English speaker 😉
  2. Got my application papers notarized by a very grumpy notary…
  3. Got my passport certified
  4. Got two professional references (endless thanks to Paula a personal nursing role model who wrote me the most touching letter), still awaiting my character reference (*cough cough* Meghan)

Not that it was a secret before, but I am now openly telling people that I have full intentions of moving to NZ in the some time immediate future. I have a Pinterest NZ board. Bought myself a “Living and Working in New Zealand” book. It all feels very real, despite the part where nothing is really even close to being real yet hahaha

Just saw “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”, a quirky movie filmed in the rolling hills and forests of NZ, and the whole time my heart was pounding with excitement- I will be seeing that with my own eyes soon! (HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie BTW, it was so funny, I was legitimately crying with laughter on at least three occasions!)

This week I plan on getting in touch with my school of nursing because they need to send some forms in to the NZ Nursing Council, and then I need to clean-up my resume and then I can basically send all my papers over! HOLY MOLY!


Author: livelifeabundantlyy

25/ Canadian/ Nurse/ "Tall girl with the bangs" / Travel addict

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