Just another blogger with a wicked case of wanderlust.

The synopsis of my lengthy 25 years of existence on this green and blue ball we call Earth…

HOME: Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario but moved to Kingston, Ontario in 2009 when I finished high school to attend my dream school- Queen’s University. I frequently refer to my time during my undergrad as the best four years of my life, meeting some of the people that I now have the pleasure of calling my closest friends, but life following uni has been pretty damn grand as well!

I have two sisters, I fall pleasantly right in the middle. My older sister lives in Toronto, and my younger lives at home with my parents, finishing up her nursing degree.

NURSE: When I was in my final year of high school, deciding “what I wanted to do when I grew-up” (still working on that ‘growing-up’ part…), I picked nursing on a whim. I enjoyed science, but not enough to do it as a university major. I have a passion for caring for others. I hate math. Both my grandmothers were nurses once upon a time. And I wanted to travel. These factors somehow lead me to choose nursing, knowing that nursing is one of a the few professions that is in a shortage globally.

I finished-up univeristy, and having been offered a position on the floor where I consolidated, I decided to stick around in Kingston with no plans of staying here long-term, the world was calling my name! Fast-forward three years later, and I am still here. I worked orthopedics for a year, surgical resource pool (orthopedics, general surgery, cardiac/ thoracic/ vascular surgery, and short-stay surgery) for a year, and now I am trying my hand at critical care working in the Intensive Care Unit (never saw myself working in this area, but it is an amazing and challenging opportunity)! I am getting ansy for a change, a BIG change, and that’s where 2016 is bound to lead me!

LOVES: TRAVEL!, food (the quote “Eat Well, Travel Often” describes my life goals perfectly in four words), Dwight (my fat cat named for Dwight Schrute), patting dogs (so much so that I made an infrequently updated Instagram account featuring the dogs in my town- YGKwoof ), and just being a general, oversized child/ goof.

TRAVEL: Prior to uni, the farthest I had traveled out of country was to NYC on a school trip. I had only been on a plane once to Winnipeg, Manitoba to visit family. Third year of uni was coming up, and already I was thinking about my final ‘summer vacation’ that would fall in between third and fourth year. I needed to do something BIG. I somehow came to the decision of being an au-pair in Madrid. Lived there for three months with a Spanish family, and I was completely and absolutely infected with the travel bug that summer! I visited a couple places throughout Spain, I visited a highschool friend in France, and then popped over to Poland to visit a new friend (because just ‘popping over’ to another country while in Europe is such an amazingly real thing). Since that summer, I have made it a personal goal to visit one new place year and so far I have been living up well to that goal! Greece and Turkey for a grad trip with my gal pals. Scotland and Italy with my street urchin. Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia. Planned trip to Portugal this fall with my sister! “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”